How To start a

dynamic home church

A Biblical Way to Gather Together, Stay Together, and Grow Together

Is the Lord leading you to start a church in your home?

There are people all over the world right now wondering if God is leading them to start a home church. Many have become disillusioned with the mega-church scene and all of its glitz. Some want to use their gifts for the glory of God but are constantly overlooked. Others grieve because they see the church they grew up in becoming more like the world every day.

Whatever your reasons are for being here, the answers you're looking for are in the scriptures. You just might need someone to help find them. Someone who understands your doubts and concerns and can offer guidance.

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here's what You’ll Learn…

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why house churches are biblical and practical

In the early church, people met together in temples and from house to house. Where should we meet and why?

how to avoid costly mistakes plaguing most churches

Too many churches get into financial trouble. Don't get scammed or pay for services you don't need.

6 critical elements a church needs to be healthy

What does a healthy, vibrant church look like in the Bible? Let's find out!

don't invite people to church - do this instead!

Find out why inviting new people to church could be a huge mistake.

Course Breakdown

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Introduction - the reason for this course

Welcome! I’ll introduce myself and give you a brief summary of what you can expect from this course.


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myths & misconceptions

Find out what the Bible really says about the church, the IRS, what equipment you'll need and why.


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church leadership

God's ways are not our ways and this is particularly true when it comes to leadership in the church.


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the mechanics: what should happen when we come together

The Bible actually has a plan for us when we come together but only a few know about it or practice it.


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maintenance & growth

Discover why we all need a long-term perspective on the church and the special plan Christ has to grow his church!

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Let's stay connected and encourage each other on this journey.

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Ready to Start a home church?

Take the first step to finding out if God is leading you

to start a church in your home.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I’m so confident that this course will give you solid, biblical direction about starting a home church, I'm giving you a no-risk guarantee just for trying it out. If you don’t feel like these lessons are helping you, simply request a full refund. No questions asked.

Patrick Sipperly

About the Instructor

Patrick Sipperly has been in and around ministry for more than 40 years. He's an Army veteran, small business owner, author, and elder in a home church in Chandler, Arizona.

"I don't claim to be a church expert or some brilliant biblical scholar. But I am passionate about the word of God, its promises, warnings, and direction for our lives.

In 2007, a string of incidents caused me to question everything I thought I knew about the church and ministry. After much prayer, studying, and online research, I left the traditional church setting for the participatory fellowship described in the Bible and I'm not the only one. Thousands of Christians are leaving their denominations in pursuit of the early church experience.

This course is a guide to those who are looking for biblical direction on their journey.




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